March 2017

Volume I, Issue 2

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Trellis Magazine turns two! Well perhaps not quite, but we are pretty excited to have our second issue under wraps. This month, we dive deep into the subject of what sociologists have called the Dones. Sometimes also called the “dechurched” or “unchurched,” the Dones are very aptly named—as researchers Josh Packard, Ph.D. and Ashleigh Hope put it: “They’re dissatisfied with the structure, social message, and politics of the institutional church.”

Also featured are some moving personal stories of people who have found authentic communities of faith in more organic contexts. In some cases, it was an exciting journey of discovery—in other cases, more painful experiences preceded spiritual enlightenment. Our exclusive interview with former church pastor now book author Richard Jacobson sheds a light on what it’s like to move beyond “churchianity” and find a renewed understanding of Biblical church community. Enjoy. —JW

Cover Art by Jared White
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Table of Contents

Edgewise: From the Editor's Desk

Move over, blog. What it’s like to run a magazine in the digital age.

by Jared White

Who Are the Dones and Why Should We Care?

We are witnessing a profound shift in the religious landscape that will affect generations to come.

by Jared White

Beyond Churchianity

An exclusive interview with Richard Jacobson, author of “Unchurching”

Trellis Interview Series

Alone in a Crowd: The Loss of Community in Contemporary Christianity

Gathering together to worship God is also about being together.

by Alexa Chipman

Organic Community in the Land of White Elephants

A first-hand report on the state of the house church movement in Thailand.

by Daniel "Doc" Docto

Much Like Family

Our adventures in growing together as an organic church.

by Catherine Seebald


Alexa Chipman Alexa Chipman
Daniel Daniel "Doc" Docto
Catherine Seebald Catherine Seebald
Jared White Jared White