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April 2017

Volume I, Issue 3

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There’s a concept in Jewish culture which states that a thing only becomes permanent after it is done three times. In that sense, Trellis Magazine is now a real magazine, because we’ve reached our third issue!

This time around, we are covering a topic which has exploded in popularity and has become the buzzword du jour: Minimalism. From best-selling books to documentary films, minimalism and “simplicity living” are transforming people’s lives across America. It has become a phenemonon that is affecting culture on a higher level, from changing architecture to a renewed focus on sustainability.

Check out our report on the minimalist movement, our interview with a practitioner of simplicity living, our film review of the Minimalism documentary, and much more. —JW

Cover Art by Jared White

Table of Contents

What is Minimalism?

That is an excellent question.

by Jared White

Minimalism: the Film

A new documentary, now on Netflix, is a great introduction to the world of minimalism preached by, well, the Minimalists themselves.

by Jared White

Simplicity Living

An exclusive interview with Christine O’Brien of Sparks Joy Home.

Trellis Interview Series

Leo Babauta on Minimalism

The popular author of the Zen Habits blog has much to say about the minimalist lifestyle.

by Leo Babauta

Essential Jesus

Have we become more obsessed with winning the culture wars than with pointing people to Jesus?

by Keith Giles

Instead of Fighting for Change, Fight for Blessing

Change can’t be bought, elected, or published. Change, real change, happens in your heart.

by Jared White


Keith Giles Keith Giles
Leo Babauta Leo Babauta
Jared White Jared White

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