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Tendril is a show about current events and cultural trends as seen through the lens of contemplative Jesus-inspired spirituality. If the heated rhetoric of the “culture wars” and partisan treatment of the Gospel is getting you down, and you believe a fresh look is needed at the historical story of Jesus’ mission in the world, you are in the right place. Every episode we seek to inspire, critique, and inform — provoking thought for a progressive and discerning audience.

Produced by Trellis Magazine
Hosted by Jared White

Latest Episode

Richard Jacobson, Author of “Unchurching”

We spoke with Richard Jacobson, an author, podcaster, and once full-time minister in the institutional church who had originally experienced Christian faith in the context of 70s hippie culture. In Jacobson’s book “Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity”, he presents a deconstructive argument against the scriptural validity of institutional church models, as well as a positive argument for organic communities such as house churches.

We asked him about his ministry background, his life-long journey away from and back towards organic community, and his experience becoming a self-published author. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

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