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Volume I, Issue 3

April 2017

From best-selling books to documentary films, minimalism and "simplicity living" are transforming people's lives across America. It has become a phenemonon that is affecting culture on a higher level, from changing architecture to a renewed focus on sustainability.

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Volume I, Issue 2

March 2017

In this issue, we dive deep into the subject of the Dones, the movement sociologists identified which represents a mass exodus away from organized religious institutions. Also featured are some moving personal stories of people who have found authentic communities of faith in more organic contexts.

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Volume I, Issue 1

February 2017

Introducing the inaugural issue of Trellis Magazine, which is true on more than one level. We're hitting the ground running with exclusive interviews, hard-hitting personal segments, and timely reporting on the aftermath of the U.S. Presidential election.

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